Sunday, April 1, 2012

sport I love

        Swimming is a sport I love, and I do it always in my free time. First, I think swimming when the weather is very hot makes me so excited for that. Second, I think it is a safe sport and it is avery nice activity to spend your free time with, because in swimming there is a lot of playing you can do inside.
        Also, the second best sport is ice skating because in my country there is no ice, and i think it is so enjoyable and safe when we wear the helmet and pads on the head and legs to be okay.
Also, I like to experience new things and since I came here to the USA, I could try for the first time in my life to skating on ice, and I enjoyed myself with that.
        Third, my best sport is hand ball, because it is a very fun activity to play with a friend and it does not finish your energy and you  do not feel exhausted because it is just you moving your hand and catching the ball from another player and moving it around to another player.
       These three sports that I mentioned above are my favorites. I prefer doing them more than other sports.

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