Monday, May 7, 2012

short story

    Several years ago there was a family consisting of a father whose name is Jack and a mother named Sarah and their two children, one girl named Lin and another boy named Tom. This family was living in Switzerland.
     Father was working in business and one day the house was quiet and the phone range. The father answered; it was the manager in his work. He told him that he had to move to Australia because of problems in his work.
      Jack at first did not accept it but after thinking he decided to accept that and move himself and all his family to Australia. They traveled in a ship. After a few days, they rode the ship in the central sea and then a strong storm destroyed the ship. Jack, the father did not survive. But, the mother and her sons survived and they woke up and found themselves on an island.
     On that night that they arrived on the island, they were attacked by wolves and the mother was able to protect them. Then, the mother tried to protect her children; because of that she built a small house in the top of a big tree.
      The island was empty and no one was on it except for animals. Sarah tried to get the food that was available for her children to eat. Her son Tom started to help his mother. After that they thought of a way to get out of the island.They decided to built a small boat.
       However, they tried to succeed in building and finding food to stay alive. Her small daughter Lin was very sick and her mother did not know how to help her; because of that her daughter died. Sarah was not sure if she should feel sadder about her daughter dying or because she was stuck on this island.
        Finally, after three months on this island the boat was ready. They went and completed their trip until they saw a big ship and moved until they noticed them and saved them. After all this trip, Sarah and her son survived.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


      I will write about my experience in math when I was a child. In my first class in math I discovered my ability. I could count and calculate numbers in my head without using something to help me.
       First, I really like math. When I have a problem in it, I try to explain that for my self and I didn't a doubt to any one.
       Second, in fact I took this ability from my mother; she is really good in math. I think she is better than I am. Third, I think we need math in our daily life. So, math is very important to learn because we need it and use it almost all the time. For example, when we go to a restaurant and it is time to pay we need to calculate the tip and in many things in our life we use the math.
      In sum, math is easy for me maybe because I love calculating things. And I think the math freshens our mind.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Man jokes to joha

        When Joha was riding his donkey he passed some of the people and some one wanted to joke with him. He said to him; "Oh, Joha, I did not know you but when I saw your donkey I knew it was you.. "
Said Joha, " This is normal, because the donkeys know each other."

Thursday, April 19, 2012


        In Carbondale there is a big supermarket called WalMart. And in my opinion that supermarket is very interesting because it has everything. For example there are food, vegetables, clothes and some furniture. All of these are in one place. However, in my country, Saudi Arabia, we do not have a shop or a supermarket that contains so many things. We only have a special place for each type. I recommend we get a supermarket like WalMart in my home town, because when we need something like food or clothes we do not have to go to two or more places. Instead of that we go to one place and finish buying all that we need in a short time.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

family business

          A family business is like when a family opened pizza restaurants. They need to work together very hard to make this restaurant a success and have their big dreams come true. I think if they began with a small restaurant, they will be successful when they work hard and they need  strength and unity and to hire some people to help them and they need some stuff and to decorate the restaurant in a beautiful way to attract the customers and get them to love it and return again.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Olympics competition

       Olympics competition has been done every year. There are athletes from both genders, women and men. Saudi women are not one of them. I believe that Saudi women should not be sent to the Olympics because of three reasons. First of all, the body construction for women is different from men; also, she should take care of her body in her body and avoid anything that puts her body an a position of having some risks. Second, in Saudi she does not work or do anything that makes her feel like  the men. So, I think it's better not to send them; there will be consequences. The last reason is because of religious reasons. Islam prohibits women to go out, especially in front of men. Finally, these three reasons show why I believe that Saudi women should not be sent to the Olympics this year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

sport I love

        Swimming is a sport I love, and I do it always in my free time. First, I think swimming when the weather is very hot makes me so excited for that. Second, I think it is a safe sport and it is avery nice activity to spend your free time with, because in swimming there is a lot of playing you can do inside.
        Also, the second best sport is ice skating because in my country there is no ice, and i think it is so enjoyable and safe when we wear the helmet and pads on the head and legs to be okay.
Also, I like to experience new things and since I came here to the USA, I could try for the first time in my life to skating on ice, and I enjoyed myself with that.
        Third, my best sport is hand ball, because it is a very fun activity to play with a friend and it does not finish your energy and you  do not feel exhausted because it is just you moving your hand and catching the ball from another player and moving it around to another player.
       These three sports that I mentioned above are my favorites. I prefer doing them more than other sports.