Thursday, May 3, 2012


      I will write about my experience in math when I was a child. In my first class in math I discovered my ability. I could count and calculate numbers in my head without using something to help me.
       First, I really like math. When I have a problem in it, I try to explain that for my self and I didn't a doubt to any one.
       Second, in fact I took this ability from my mother; she is really good in math. I think she is better than I am. Third, I think we need math in our daily life. So, math is very important to learn because we need it and use it almost all the time. For example, when we go to a restaurant and it is time to pay we need to calculate the tip and in many things in our life we use the math.
      In sum, math is easy for me maybe because I love calculating things. And I think the math freshens our mind.

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