Monday, May 7, 2012

short story

    Several years ago there was a family consisting of a father whose name is Jack and a mother named Sarah and their two children, one girl named Lin and another boy named Tom. This family was living in Switzerland.
     Father was working in business and one day the house was quiet and the phone range. The father answered; it was the manager in his work. He told him that he had to move to Australia because of problems in his work.
      Jack at first did not accept it but after thinking he decided to accept that and move himself and all his family to Australia. They traveled in a ship. After a few days, they rode the ship in the central sea and then a strong storm destroyed the ship. Jack, the father did not survive. But, the mother and her sons survived and they woke up and found themselves on an island.
     On that night that they arrived on the island, they were attacked by wolves and the mother was able to protect them. Then, the mother tried to protect her children; because of that she built a small house in the top of a big tree.
      The island was empty and no one was on it except for animals. Sarah tried to get the food that was available for her children to eat. Her son Tom started to help his mother. After that they thought of a way to get out of the island.They decided to built a small boat.
       However, they tried to succeed in building and finding food to stay alive. Her small daughter Lin was very sick and her mother did not know how to help her; because of that her daughter died. Sarah was not sure if she should feel sadder about her daughter dying or because she was stuck on this island.
        Finally, after three months on this island the boat was ready. They went and completed their trip until they saw a big ship and moved until they noticed them and saved them. After all this trip, Sarah and her son survived.

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